Camp Compass of Brazoria County

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We are now a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization! We are currently fundraising to get our camp off the ground.


Short and sweet version: Camp Compass of Brazoria County is a residential, a.k.a. overnight, camp for kids and young adults with a variety of special needs. See 'About Us' for more information.


Be on the look out for Camp Compass Founder/Organizer introductions :) to be added to the 'About Us' tab.

07/18/14 - So we have been slacking a little with the updates but we have been in a holding pattern for the last few months.  We were finally approved as a 501(c)3 organization. We have started applying for grants and other donations.  We are still looking for land and a place to build our wonderful camp.  Please contact us with any questions or leads on potential donors.  Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers for our success.

11/06/13 - We had a great turn out at our first garage sale, however, we had a lot of stuff leftover. So we are going for round 2 Saturday and Sunday Nov. 9 & 10 from 8 A.M. until 12 P.M. I hope you can make it out to help support this awesome cause.

10/20/13 - Thank you to all that showed your support by shopping at our garage sale last weekend.  The turn out was amazing and we did better than expected.  Due to the overwhelming contributions of things to sale, we are going to get to do it again in the very near future.  See ya there!

 10/10/13 - Just a couple a days until our Garage Sale! Come by and say hi!

09/09/13 - We will have a garage sale Oct. 12, 2013 in Clute, TX. All proceeds will go to Camp Compass to help get this camp off the ground. A few of the founding board members will be there to help, answer any questions and say hi.

08/28/13 - Our tax-exempt application has been mailed to the IRS and we are currently waiting, impatiently, on their response.

08/28/13 - Additional money raised through, see link above, will be used to spread the word about Camp Compass through merchandising, Facebook and any other means necessary.  This money will also be used to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row, i.e. legal and accounting consultations.

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